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The Green Shield Canada Foundation (GSCF) acts as a catalyst, supporting innovative ideas that pave the way for fundamental, big-picture change in Canadian health care. Its strategy is designed to build community capacity, strengthen public policy, and advance knowledge in the health care field to ensure long-term change while addressing urgent need.

Poverty is the number one factor in determining whether Canadians live long, healthy lives, according to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Marginalized Canadians find it extremely difficult to access mainstream health care.
GSCF is focused on improving access to health care for uninsured and underinsured populations in Canada (the homeless, the working poor, and those on social assistance). Specifically, we provide financial support to Canadian registered charitable, non-profit, and/or social enterprise charitable organizations that deliver frontline health care (i.e., dental, vision, prescription drugs, disease management, mental health care supports).
The organizations or projects we fund must include the role of a “navigator” or "coach" – a person who connects individuals to other services that are appropriate for their situation. This could include: housing, education, jobs, food, clothing, etc.




Granting Term

·        Maximum grant: up to $1M (for projects ranging from – two to four years in length)

·        Type of grant: individual or collaborative grants

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible and considered for a charitable contribution from GSCF’s Frontline Care Program, organizations must:
·        Be a Canadian not-for-profit organization or a Canadian charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
·        Operate in Canada
·        Apply for programs and services that fall within our defined areas of focus and priority population groups (see above for details)
·        Have a record of achievement of potential for success in line with our overall goals
·        Demonstrate sound financial practices and a sustainable funding model
·        Provide recent audited financial statements or statements prepared by an independent designated accountant
·        Provide planned outcomes, supported by a measurement and evaluation process
·        Provide a strategy to address long term sustainability of the project or initiative

Restrictions for applicant organizations

GSCF does not provide charitable contributions to the following types of requests:

·        Capital campaigns or physical infrastructure projects or endowments
·        A general fundraising campaign
·        Reduction of accumulated capital or operating deficits
·        Partisan political or strictly religious activities
·        Professional or amateur sports (individual or team)
·        Production of a film, video, or publication (can be part of a project or program)
·        An event, conference, workshop, or seminar
·        Third party fundraising activities
·        Financial support to individuals
·        Emergency needs
·        Currently funded organizations that have not submitted all required reports
Decision-Making Timeframe
The typical timeframe for decision making is two months.
The GSCF Frontline Care Program is closed for 2014.
For further information on GSCF Frontline Care Grants, please contact